Viking Voices new year got off to a great start with our first summer meeting on the 14th July.

Members and guests enjoyed a night of education, entertainment and celebration.  It was also an opportunity to thank the out-going President John O’Halloran, and the Committee for all their dedication and hard work.
We welcomed in the new President Claire Wright, and Committee members who  explained their roles for the benefit of new members and guests.

As with all our meetings we had a packed agenda which included a lively Table Topics session, three excellent speeches, a beautiful poem and an induction ceremony for a new member.

An enjoyable meeting was had by all, whether just listening in or actively participating and, given the standard of the meeting, we can look forward to an exiting year for Viking Voices. With such enthusiasm we will be continuing our meetings throughout the summer.

P.S below you can find poem that our Poem Master Iria shared with us during the meeting:

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